We Finance Bad Credit recognizes that there are many lenders you could choose from. We have included a lenders page to give you a brief bit of history and an idea of each lenders strengths and weaknesses.

It Is our opinion that this list represents the better part of the banks currently offering loans to individuals with bad credit. These banks are not limited to just sub prime auto loans. They lend money for houses, boats, motorcycles, consolidation loans and more. Each individual lending institution has their own set of rules in regard to special finance. Some are more lenient than others.

Don't be concerned with the things on your credit that you can't change. Special finance lenders are used to looking at bad credit. Most credit analyst that approve these loans are trying to find something positive. To better serve our customer we have added a Tricks of The Trade Program and a list of documents required by most lenders. Take the time to look these over. If you are not sure or have a question, please contact us with any concerns you have and as always we will promptly reply.